Icarus goes green!

One of our main goals is to contribute to a healthier climate by reducing the CO2 emissions in the aviation industry. We do this by working closely together with our partners on the ground and in the air. Every assignment completed by Icarus Aeronautical will be officialy celebrated by expanding the local airports tree park. Together with our clients we will personaly plant new trees.

CO2 emissions are hot topic today. Icarus contributes to a healthier environment by reducing  emissions where and when possible.  We are pro-active in finding solutions to this global issue. Did you know traveling by aircraft from Amsterdam to Nice will produce about 500kgs of CO2 for a family of four.  This same family traveling by car will produce  230kgs of CO2.

Aviation is a strong contributor of CO2 emissions with values we must reduce. Are you running your business CO2 neutral? Check your emissions at www.greentripper.org/en .

Icarus will get you going towards a CO2 neutral operation!